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Looking to Deep Clean your Tile?

Consider using our grout sealing service in Naples & Bonita Springs, FL

Hand-laid tile makes a beautiful addition to any kitchen or bathroom. However, the grout is porous and will quickly begin to gather dirt if it's not sealed. Spills, dirt, bacteria and mop water can all cause your grout to look dingy. It's virtually impossible to remove these stains without getting professional grout sealing. Fortunately, the crew at Make Cents Cleaning in Naples & Bonita Springs, FL can properly seal any grout in your home or business.

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Get sparkling clean tile for a great price

During the grout sealing process, the sealer penetrates the grout and then dries hard. This causes any liquid to lay on top of the grout, where it can easily be cleaned. Grout sealant dries as hard as tile, creating a permanent, protective layer that repels future stains. By using our sealing process, your kitchen, bathroom or any other room will look new again.

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