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Protect Your Tile With Proper Maintenance

Get tips from a grout sealing expert in Naples & Bonita Springs, FL

Have you recently received grout sealing services in Naples or Bonita Springs, FL? It's important to perform correct tile maintenance to avoid damaging your freshly enhanced tiles. Make Cents Cleaning has several tips to help you keep your flooring or backsplash in perfect shape.

After a grout sealing service:

  • Don't let the surface get wet during the first week
  • Mop it with water between weeks two and four
  • Use only water for regular cleaning to protect the surface
If you need to deep clean your tiles, use one tsp of Dawn dish liquid to one gallon of water. No rinsing is necessary. Improper washing can result in damage to the grout sealing.

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Why it's important to maintain grout

Grout and tiles can get dirty over time and look faded. To keep them in good shape, wash your tile surfaces every few months. Routine maintenance will prevent the growth of mildew and mold, maintain the original color and prolong the life of your tile.

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