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Stop Struggling to Clean Your Dirty Grout

Choose our grout color sealing process in Naples & Bonita Springs, FL

Did you know that after most new construction projects, the grout in between the tiles is not sealed? This leaves your grout vulnerable to water, dirt and stains. At Make Cents Cleaning, we provide tile & grout cleaning services, grout color sealing, and in many cases, grout sealing services for clients in and around Naples, Bonita Springs, FL, and Southwest Florida. We can tint our grout sealer with a variety of colors to match your current grout or create a unique contrast.

Don't live with dirty grout any longer. Improve the look of your tile and prevent further damage by investing in our grout color sealing process as soon as possible.

Why should you try grout sealant?

Discolored grout can make your whole bathroom, kitchen or other space look old and dirty. Dirt that has soaked into your grout is almost impossible to clean. That's why our grout color sealing process is so amazing. You'll love it because it:

  • Works anywhere inside your home, and in many cases, outdoors and on lanais as well
  • Contains concrete hardeners for a lasting bond
  • Comes in tons of special colors and can be matched to any grout color of your choice

Like a nonstick coating on a skillet, our sealant creates a lasting bond that can make your grout look like new for years to come. Call our office at 239-440-8555 now to schedule your grout sealing procedure in Naples or Bonita Springs, FL.