shower grout sealing naples fl

Give Your Shower a Fresh Look

Get professional shower tile repair services in Naples or Bonita Springs, FL

When your shower grout lines start to dry up, water can get behind your tile causing it to crack. Prevent further water damage and restore the look of your tile shower with professional shower tile repair and caulk replacement from Make Cents Cleaning.

With fresh caulk and seamless tile crack repairs, you'll never know that your shower once looked worn and dingy. Contact us in Naples & Bonita Springs, FL today to get started on your shower transformation.

See how easy it is to revamp your bathroom

No matter how much you scrub and clean your shower, you cannot hide the look of dingy grout, dried up caulk and cracked tile. Give your shower the facelift it deserves with professional:

  • Tile cleaning - buffing away scuffs and stains, pulling up any dirt, grime and loose grout that makes your tiles look dingy
  • Caulk replacement - filling large gaps between shower and wall, applying new caulk to seal out moisture and dirt
  • Tile repair - repairing cracks or chips in tile; blending and camouflaging the sealant for a smooth, unnoticeable finish

Contact Make Cents Cleaning in Naples & Bonita Springs, FL to schedule your shower tile repair and caulk replacement service.